Women In Architecture (WIA) Takes Over BIL-T

Women In Architecture (WIA) Takes Over BIL-T

The theme for our November BIL-T conference is Women in Architecture (WIA) Takes Over BIL-T.  This event will feature the thought leadership and impact of women in architecture along with conversations on accelerating the pathway for more women in the profession.

We look forward to a broad range of presentations and panel discussions that highlight the impact and value of architecture today as well as thought leadership about business, technology, and architecture for the future. This is an event not to miss!

If you feel your session will add value to our audience, please be as specific as possible when you send us your submission: Become A Speaker

If you’d like to share your vision of tomorrow, please be as specific as possible when you send in your submission. Submission entries can be done here: Become A Speaker

  • Success stories and wins on how architecture has been leveraged within your organization
  • Perspectives, visions, and thought leadership on topics such as the following, along with the critical role architecture can play:
    • Shifts in the way we do business
    • Future technologies and their impacts on organizations and our lives
    • Sustainability, circular economy, stakeholder capitalism, and ESG
  • The approach to and importance of building diversity into architecture and transformation teams, and into the architecture profession overall
  • And more…

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About MEGA International

MEGA is a global software company and recognized market leader. MEGA has had demonstrated success implementing “next generation” enterprise architecture solutions and use cases at over 2000 companies and has 340,000 users worldwide. Building upon the functionality of enterprise architecture, MEGA has enriched its solutions over the last few years by adding risk management, data governance, and data privacy use cases. Having all these solutions under one platform enables companies to connect these perspectives under one single source of truth. With this broader, connected view, companies get a better understanding of how their business works, uses technology, governs data, which ultimately helps the company realize long-term transformation success. Get up and running quickly with open APIs, instant out-of-the-box reports, and customizable dashboards to share insights across your organization to make smarter decisions. – www.mega.com

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Ardoq is a SaaS company reinventing how companies drive continuous change. Enterprise Architecture tool enables IT and business managers to understand the impact of what they want to do and the impact of their decisions for today’s digital enterprise. The company’s dynamic, data-driven EA platform is designed to plan and execute change initiatives. With Ardoq, IT and business stakeholders can confidently drive change initiatives. Ardoq connects information about an organisation’s people, processes, and technologies to allow you confidently drive change initiatives. With Ardoq, CIOs can confidently deliver digital transformations; IT leaders can make better technology decisions based on timely information; and EAs can serve as change agents, supporting business and IT collaboration for better outcomes! – https://www.ardoq.com/



Editor of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal

Darryl Carr

An integration architecture thought leader and CITA-Professional

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Founder and Managing Director, S2E Transformation Inc.

Whynde Kuehn

CEO and Founder,
Iasa Global

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Executive in Residence,
DePaul University Innovation Lab
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