What are the failure points of Digital Transformation (DT)?

How Enterprise Architecture can assist in increasing the success of DT. Technology is inevitable for the existence of private or public organizations. Due to the change in the procurement of technology from upfront cost, aka Capital expenditure to pay as you go, aka Operation expenditure acquisition of technology is seamless for an organization. The acceptance of social media in business, reliable, affordable mobile networks (4G), state of the art smartphones are accelerating the digital transformation as inevitable rather than an option. Unfortunately, 85 % of organizations fail in their journey as per leading research organizations. The presentation will cover the typical process followed in digital transformation, its failure points, and how the practice of enterprise architecture approach will increase the success rate. Key takeaway:
•A clear understanding of what is digital transformation
•How to identify critical failure points in the digital transformation journey.
•What is the significance of Enterprise Architecture in digital transformation projects?