The New Digital Experience Supply Chain – and How It Will Transform Everything

The supply chain defined the Industrial Era. To create value it was all about optimizing how you marketed, produced, delivered, administered, and supported a mass product as you served a mass market. But in the digital era, this equation has been turned upside down. Creating value in this tumultuous time isn’t about the supply chain — but about optimizing the customer experience, which is increasingly digital. To do so, organizations will need a new type of supply chain — one that helps them curate and optimize the delivery of a customer experience that will deliver differentiating value in a fast-moving and hyper-competitive market.

In this thought-provoking conversation, Whynde Kuehn will interview Charles Araujo, industry analyst, author, and futurist, to explore the forces that are shaping the competitive landscape for the modern enterprise and how enterprise leaders must transform their organizations for this future. This will demand that organizations not only reorient themselves around the digital experience, but also that they use it as the focal point to transform their business models, operating models, and the nature of work itself.