The Evolution of Business as Usual (and Architecture)

Even before the current challenging pandemic the world has been changing faster than we can keep up with. We have seen significant changes to “business as usual” with a forced acceleration of digital business driven by necessity. The pandemic has also reconnected many with the natural world (as much as modern civilization sometimes makes us forget – we are ourselves part of the wider natural ecosystem). As a result sustainable digital business is no longer a nice to have – businesses will not sell, operate or retain talent in the medium term without re-imaging the way they operate to be a sustainable digital business.
Architects need to think about how they Architect Tomorrow in a way that allows their organizations to rapidly adapt – and continue to be adaptable, whilst ensuring that the way forward aligns with being a sustainable organization that builds towards the much needed more positive society of tomorrow. Core foundations of a sustainable digital business are visibility and collaboration and Oliver will touch on how Architect Tomorrow and Tanium support the modern enterprise and those tasked with re-imagining it.