Research Advisor -AI/ML

Somaieh Nikpoor is a research advisor at Employment and Social Development Canada. She is experimenting with machine learning models to explore whether these models could be used to improve service delivery.

She has more than 10 years of experience in conceptualizing business problems into analytics project. She has been working with various levels of business stakeholders, from business experts to senior managements to identify new business opportunities. She enjoys turning data into numbers, numbers into words, words into stories and stories into action for her clients.

She started her professional career on the Economics PhD track. With an undergraduate background in mathematical economics, she started getting interested in programming and less interested in abstract academic research. She loves starting projects from scratch, working with clients to identify their business problems, strategizing analytic approaches, creating machine learning models and operationalizing these models to truly drive behavior and improve decision making.

Prior to joining Employment and Social Development Canada, Somaieh was a data scientist at Advanced Analytics Lab residing in Federal Government of Canada. She worked on an enterprise-wide analytics project that supported federal government’s social policy. Somaieh holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Ottawa. She is passionate about AI ethics and is currently collaborating with Aggregate Intellect as an AI ethics stream owner. She curates and generates original content that will help others navigate through various AI ethics topics and concepts.