Re-Imagine – Alignment of Business and Platform Architecture for Digital Innovation, Agility & Strategy Enablement

EA, combine design thinking and Agile to drive Strategy Enablement (aka Digital Innovation and Transformation) ”Business model and technology innovations are relentless, as each organisation must learn and experiment to develop products, services and new ways of working. EA and technology innovation leaders must use a combination of iterative, experimental methodologies to support digital innovation efforts. Overview of Business Design – Design Mindset, Methodologies and Tools to foster strategic thinking “Experience” and “Capability or Service” based Planning, and alignment of Capability to Service DesignDevOps, design thinking, product management to underpin platform strategy for Agility, Innovation and value creation. Putting it All together: Platform Strategy and Industry vertical reference model of how technology organisations are approaching Platform strategy, removing “data silos” to drive business and technology Innovation.