Improving the Lives of Indigenous Australians

How can technology and organizational transformation improve the lives of Indigenous Australians and what role does Business Architecture and Human-Centred Design play in supporting this transformation? Evolve & Amplify partnered with the Australian Commonwealth Agency, the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA), to deliver an ICT strategy that was achievable, provided actionable direction and was aligned with the agency’s strategic direction and corporate plan. The multi-disciplinary approach incorporated journey maps and personas to tell a rich story and help staff see themselves and their customers within the broader strategic plans. Using these combined disciplines demonstrated visibility in how pain points and opportunities experienced by staff and stakeholders lead to high-level strategic outcomes, ensuring the strategy is business focused and not technology led. Evolve & Amplify successfully delivered an ICT strategy that tells the story of NIAA and how ICT can be used to provide greater operational efficiency, develop new ways of working and enable staff to focus on improving the lives of Indigenous Australians.