It’s a perennial curse for architecture practitioners; the constant requests to explain what we do, and how we add value. So few disciplines or professions are asked these questions so regularly. So what has caused this situation, and what can be done to improve it? One way is to establish an agreed set of metrics that can be used to show how the use of architecture affects business outcomes in a positive way. What are these metrics, you ask? Come along to this BIL-T event and hear from practitioners that have had real impact on their organizations. Discover the types of benefits they were able to realize, and perhaps you might finally be able to help your team answer these questions.

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24 hours of insightful presentations in a virtual meeting space. Agenda to be determined.

All times are shown as US Central time (CST is UTC-06:00).

8:00 – 9:00: Round Table Panel Discussion

Paul Preiss

CEO & Founder, Iasa Global

9:00m – 10:00am: “Keynote Session”

Simon Field
Senior Enterprise Architect


10:00am – 11:00am: “The State of Enterprise Architecture 2023




Are EA practices making a difference to IT and business change initiatives?
Our third annual survey on the State of Enterprise Architecture investigated the priorities, challenges, impacts, and achievements of EA practices today.
We aimed to better understand the state of Enterprise Architecture and assess EA’s readiness to help organizations adapt.
Key insights include:
– How mature are the EA practices in use today?
– Are EA teams equipped to meet their organizations’ demands?
– Are those practices making a difference to IT and business change initiatives?
– How can organizations amplify the impact and effectiveness of their EA resources?
– Is there an increasing demand for EA services?
– What IT and business benefits do EA maturity leaders experience?

11:00am – 12:00pm: “Consultants Saying Things Panel Discussion

Consultants Saying Things is about business, technology and the intersection of the two with Whynde Kuehn, Oliver Cronk, Phil Yanov, and, Chris Lockhart

12:00pm – 01:00pm: “Keynote Session”

Oliver Cronk
Technology Director

Scott Logic

1:00pm – 2:00pm: “Visuals with Impact

Jacqui Read

Consultant Software Architect

Read The Architecture

Communicating software architecture is a crucial aspect of being a successful software architect, however, traditionally you are not taught how to create diagrams and visuals that will have an impact on your audience.
The purpose of a diagram is to successfully communicate with the audience, which sounds deceptively simple. Communication design patterns can be applied to guide you towards this ultimate goal of successful communication, and towards maximum inclusion for your audience.

In this session, learn from a hands-on solution architect – and thought leader in communication design and documentation – how to tailor your visuals to your audience, choose the most appropriate standards (or not) and level of detail, and apply patterns to improve accessibility for all audiences.

2:00pm – 3:00pm: “Become indispensable: Strengthen your EA practice by producing valuable business outcomes”



A modern well-designed enterprise architecture practice can provide tangible business value along with the foundation for agility, resilience, and innovation. In this session we’ll explore the role of enterprise architects in creating a modern, forward-thinking architecture that delivers real business value and positions organizations for long-term success. Through a combination of theoretical insights and practical strategies, you will learn how to design and implement an adaptive, lean, and future-proof enterprise architecture. Join us as we delve into the challenges and opportunities of modern enterprise architecture practices and how you can derive actionable insights and collaborate with stakeholders to align on your company’s business objectives and demonstrate the immediate business value of your projects.

3:00pm – 4:00pm: “Chief Architecture Forum Panel Discussion

Grant Ecker

VP Global Enterprise Architecture & Executive Coach at WBA

4:00pm – 5:00pm: “Strategy to Execution : Intuit Odyssey


Chief Enterprise Architect


Strategic planning and execution is integral to the success of organizations across all industries, shapes and sizes. When done in an agile and continuous way, it enables organizations to be nimble, learn fast and deliver value on time and within budget. Though, in reality, this is easier said than done. Time consuming planning processes, fragmented and disconnected toolset(s), high coordination tax are some of the common challenges. There has got to be a better way – a re-imagination of how to continuously go from strategy to execution in a transparent, cohesive, connected and efficient way. This talk is about how Enterprise Architecture is helping Intuit achieve our vision through standardization, simplification and effective collaboration!

5:00pm – 6:00pm: “Women In Architecture Panel Discussion

6:00pm – 7:00pm: “From surviving to thriving as Program Architect

Stefano Bianchini

Program Enterprise Architect

Suncorp Group

As a Program Architect, your role is crucial in delivering impactful business outcomes through effective software system design and implementation. However, it can be overwhelming, leaving many Program Architects feeling like they’re just surviving rather than thriving. In this speech, I’ll share lessons learned ‘the hard way’ gained from my experience in the field, including the importance of effective communication, prioritisation, pragmatic mindset, political awareness, and embracing change. By adopting these strategies, Program Architects can elevate their performance, build strong architecture teams, and create pragmatic solutions that drive business success. I’ll also share examples of real-world outcomes, from reducing costs and improving efficiency to meeting compliance and M&A activities. Let’s take your Program Architect game to the next level and drive real-world outcomes with architecture.

7:00pm – 8:00pm: “Three Days of the Cyber Condor: Measuring Real-World Cyber Security Outcomes and the Lessons Learned

Brice Ominski

MPI, Director of Business Architecture

The digital business landscape is changing, and those changes are radically shifting how we need to evaluate and architect cyber security outcomes. While most legacy security measures focus on preventing the attack; modern cyber defense needs to focus on three days:
 The day before the attack to ensure our security architecture provides the preventative controls to address critical risk items according to our available resources and vulnerabilities,
 On the day of the attack ensure our security architecture controls recognize and react to the attack. A resilient cyber architecture allows us to respond to mitigate the potential damage.
 The day after the attack to ensure we have recovery controls that mitigate damages done by the attack.

8:00pm – 9:00pm: “Setting up your Architecture Practice for Impact

Darryl Carr

Editor of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal

Join Darryl Carr, Editor of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal, as he discusses ideas on how to ensure that your Architecture Pratice is set up to have real impact in your organisation.


About MEGA International

MEGA is a global software company and recognized market leader. MEGA has had demonstrated success implementing “next generation” enterprise architecture solutions and use cases at over 2000 companies and has 340,000 users worldwide. Building upon the functionality of enterprise architecture, MEGA has enriched its solutions over the last few years by adding risk management, data governance, and data privacy use cases. Having all these solutions under one platform enables companies to connect these perspectives under one single source of truth. With this broader, connected view, companies get a better understanding of how their business works, uses technology, governs data, which ultimately helps the company realize long-term transformation success. Get up and running quickly with open APIs, instant out-of-the-box reports, and customizable dashboards to share insights across your organization to make smarter decisions. –

About Ardoq 

Ardoq is a SaaS company reinventing how companies drive continuous change. Enterprise Architecture tool enables IT and business managers to understand the impact of what they want to do and the impact of their decisions for today’s digital enterprise. The company’s dynamic, data-driven EA platform is designed to plan and execute change initiatives. With Ardoq, IT and business stakeholders can confidently drive change initiatives. Ardoq connects information about an organisation’s people, processes, and technologies to allow you confidently drive change initiatives. With Ardoq, CIOs can confidently deliver digital transformations; IT leaders can make better technology decisions based on timely information; and EAs can serve as change agents, supporting business and IT collaboration for better outcomes! –



Editor of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal

Darryl Carr

An integration architecture thought leader and CITA-Professional

Brice Ominski

Founder and Managing Director, S2E Transformation Inc.

Whynde Kuehn

CEO and Founder,
Iasa Global

Paul Preiss
Executive in Residence,
DePaul University Innovation Lab
Roman Dumiak