From Strategy to Execution – Mastering the Missing Link

Understanding and designing business strategy and change is the first step, but statistics suggest that only about 30% of strategies are successfully executed, and most leaders agree that executing on strategy is one of the weakest links of enterprise leadership. There are many reasons for this – change is hard, culture is resistant – but also, strategy is often not articulated well enough or unambiguously enough to drive initiative planning. And even if it is, many businesses don’t know enough about their current state and current capabilities to identify gaps, overlaps, synergies, conflicts or the impact of proposed changes. Business Architecture to the rescue! Business architecture provides a proven method for translating the desired business change into achievable initiatives that are based on data driven analysis and prioritization. Attend this session to learn:
•How business architecture defines key business capabilities and value streams
•How to identify gaps, overlaps, synergies and conflicts for initiative planning
•How to prioritize efforts to maximize the value of business change