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The success of the IT architecture role is determined by how well it serves its business stakeholders to deliver real value.  This conference will discuss cutting-edge strategies and methodologies that link IT architecture to the creation of value and business success.  We will discuss the impact and challenges in quantifying IT architecture’s impact.   This conference is an opportunity for you to share your expertise and experiences in harnessing the power of IT architecture for business advancement. Topics can focus on benefits such as efficiency & effectiveness, enhancing agility & flexibility, and improving risk management.

We are looking for contributions from a diverse range of professionals including architects, industry leaders, and seasoned practitioners.

If you’d like to share your vision of tomorrow, please be as specific as possible when you send in your submission. Submission entries can be done shortly.

Topics will include:

  • Linking IT Architecture to Business Value: Strategies to ensure IT architecture directly contributes to business success.
  • Quantifying the Impact of IT Architecture: Methods and challenges in measuring the effectiveness of IT architecture in real-world scenarios.
  • Enhancing Business Agility and Flexibility through IT: Exploring how IT architecture can foster a more agile and adaptable business environment.
  • IT Architecture and Risk Management: Discussing how effective IT architecture can mitigate business risks and enhance security.
  • Best Practices in IT Architecture for Efficiency and Effectiveness: Sharing successful case studies and methodologies that have improved business operations.
  • Innovations in IT Architecture: Examining new technologies and approaches that are reshaping IT architecture in various

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CEO and Founder,
Iasa Global

Paul Preiss

An integration architecture thought leader and CITA-Professional

Brice Ominski

Global Cloud CTO, Senior Director, Capgemini

Terry Room

Executive in Residence, DePaul University Innovation Lab

Roman Dumiak