Lead Data Scientist, Microsoft

I consider myself as an Enthusiastic Learner in Artificial Intelligence Field with Machine learning and Deep Learning Skills. Mentoring Data science aspirants is one of my passion.

I always love to explore more in Cyber Security and Engineering Analytics which brought me to work for Fortune 500 companies like GE-Aviation( Quest Global), Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace (UTC) and Microsoft. I have worked in critical projects like Connected Ecosystem , MRO and Cyber Security. Analytics in ‘Retail Finance’ has given me the Exposure for business aspects of AI while working in Bajaj Auto Finance.

Currently I am leading Data Science team consists of Threat Intelligence, Hunting, Insider Risk and Compliance.

A Sensible Team Leader with leading midsize teams and good record of working closely with cross functional Teams across Security , Operation , Marketing, and Supply chain.

Specialties in AI: Machine Learning (Regression, Classification and Clustering) , Bayesian Model ( HMM) , Deep Learning (MLP, Sequential Model, Probabilistic Model and CNN) , Deep Reinforcement Learning , Genetic Algorithm, Natural Language Processing (PLSA , LDA, W2Vec , Glove) and Time Series Forecasting( GARCH, ARIMA , TBAT , Structural Time Series and VARS)

Big Data Technology: Hadoop , PYSpark , R , Python ,SAS and SPSS
Platform: Microsoft Azure (DevOps), Go