Become Indispensable: Strengthen your EA Practice by Producing Valuable Business Outcomes

Organizations have spent the past years focusing on efficiency, which meant when hit with a major disruption like COVID-19, many business processes were too brittle to quickly adapt and simply broke. During the rebuilding process, Gartner indicates that leaders must design an architecture that: enables better access to information; can augment that information with new insights; and is composable, modular, and can change and respond more quickly as decisions are made. But how do you do that? A good first step is to add a business architecture top layer to your enterprise architecture efforts. Using this lens, you can connect IT to business objectives (ensuring your efforts are business-outcome-driven) and therefore easily changeable when business objectives evolve or change. In this session you will learn how to:
– Create a strategic roadmap where you can plan future business capabilities and other IT investments
– Understand how emerging technology can be leveraged to support business objectives
– Optimize your current IT portfolio for cost, lifecycle, and agility
– Ensure transformation projects are aligned with strategic objectives
– Implement business-outcome-driven enterprise architecture.

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