Architecture as an enabler of business model innovation

The recent era of Digital Transformation has fueled the most significant wave of technology investment of past decade. As the hype cycle has evolved and is finally bottoming out, there has been a noticeable shift in thinking about transformation. The initial frenzy to treat it with a dose of technology, has given way to a maturing realization that:
•Digital is not in the technology; it is in the customer. The real imperative is in addressing the increasingly sophisticated digital demands of customers and keeping pace with the constantly evolving digital offerings of competitors. A far more complex and challenging problem than procuring and implementing a technology platform.
•Transformation is not an initiative; it’s a capability. It’s not about transforming but building the capacity to continuously transform. Figuring out how to embrace continuous, ongoing innovation and develop an adaptive business culture is a perplexing but urgent necessity. Digital Transformation is in fact a continuous exercise in business model innovation

– This session will focus on the role of architecture in innovating a business operating model, by identifying innovation opportunities and aligning delivery programs with business and technology strategies.